H1 Automotive Router

H1 Automotive Router

Create and manage a mobile broadband networked platform with in-vehicle IP routers.

This road-proof rugged mobile router supports extended temperature ranges, shock and vibration resilience, power supply from vehicle battery and unparalleled networking features.

The Teldat H1-Automotive in-vehicle router is an integrated rugged router that enables the cellular connectivity in vehicles like a bus, ambulance, police car, truck and alike for delivering triple play applications such as IP-CCTV, telemetry, fleet tracking services, passenger WiFi Internet access and on-site Advertisement through Digital Signage.

This automotive router combines a robust mechanical design, adequate for its installation at unattended in-vehicle cabinets, i.e. a bus router with a versatile wireless (HSUPA and WiFi) and wired (Ethernet) communications port layout. The automotive in-vehicle router is powered by the Teldat Internetworking Software (CIT), offering a business-graded IP protocol stack for the efficient implementation of managed VPN services.

The Teldat H1-Automotive routers, whether installed in buses, ambulances police cars or trucks are centrally managed by the Teldat Web-based Network Management Platform (TeldaGES), but also its wide support for management functionalities permits the router to be seamlessly integrated into the existing Management Platform. Please download the datasheet here:
H1 Automotive Router
For ordering information or to request a demo, please fill out a request on the About/Contact page.

See full documentation on Teldat’s website at www.teldat.com

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