Nick Martello

Martello Consulting offers technical service to the fire and security industry.  Specializing in monitoring alarms over the Internet, we offer installation and programming assistance to dealers, installers and central stations.  We are the US authorized warranty service center for Teldat’s VisorALARM Plus receivers and remote IP communicators. We provide Tier Three technical support for Teldat’s security and fire products. (For tech support on IPDACT models, please contact Honeywell Tech Support 1-800-627-3473.) For information on the Teldat H1 Automotive Router and other routing solutions, please contact our Silicon Valley Office in Los Gatos, CA 95032. Phone (408)835-6946.

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VisorALARM Plus

VisorALARM Plus

Martello Consulting offers technical support for Honeywell’s Teldat’s VisorALARM-Plus-2U. For assistance with the IPDACT-2, IPDACT-2UD, for Fire Alarm Panels and mIP-2 for any Contact-ID analog dialer security panels, please contact Firelite tech support at 1-800-627-3473 or email firelite.tech@honeywell.com.
For questions or technical issues on the VisorAlarm Plus 2U alarm receiver, please fill out and submit the form on the contact/about page. Please include all contact information and product question or issue.


This site contains product support information including free downloads for the latest programming tools, manuals and software for central station receivers and security panel mIP communicators and instructions for obtaining an RMA for product repairs.

Available Services

Device programming assistance for IPDACT-2, IPDACT-2UD IP communicators for fire panels including non-Honeywell panels and mIP-2, mIP-2UD IP security communicators for any analog Contact ID dialer equipped security panel.

VisorALARM Plus Central Station Receiver programming, network design assistance and recommendations including on-site installation services.

For product purchase of Teldat fire and security products in the US, (VisorALARM Plus 2U, Ipdact-2, Ipdact-2UD, mIP-2 and mIP-2UD), please contact any Honeywell Life Systems distribution outlet.